March 28th 2007


location: Northern Central Georgia, East of Svaneti

conditions: warm-humid climate, widespread limestone, granite, and slate rocks

destinations: Mamisson Pass, Edena, Sopchito, Buba, Shoda, Pasis Mt.

plants: 1200 species

Caucasian endemits are Galanthus alpinus, G. caucasicus, Symphyoloma graveolens, Pseudovesicaria digitata, Heracleum leskovii. Local endemits are H. egrissicum, Campanula radchensis, C. letschchumiensis, Scabiosa colchica, Thymus ladjanuricus, Potentilla camillae, Galanthus schaoricus, Polylophium panjutinii, Daphne pseudosericea, Muscari alpanicum.

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