March 28th 2007


location: Greater Caucasus, Southeast of Elbrus Mt., at the border to Karachai-Tsherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria

conditions: montane to nival zones

destinations: Mestia, Ushba Mt., Shkhara Mt.

plants: 1100 species

Typical tall herbs of Svaneti are Telekia speciosa, Heracleum mantegazzianum (now a neophyte in Central Europe), Cirsium hydrophyloides, C. svaneticum, C. oblongifolium, Senecio othonaen, S. pojarkovae. The alpine rocks and gravel harbour many endemic species: Campanula svanetica, C. engurensis, Charesia akinfievii, Genista suanica, Silene pygmaea, Ranunculus helenae, R. lojkae, R. svaneticus, Paedorotella pontica, S. massagetovii, Cerastium svanicum

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