March 28th 2007

Colkheti (South, Adsharia)

location: West Georgia, Black Sea Coast

conditions: warm-humid climate

destinations: Batumi Botanical Garden (with floral elements from Caucasia, Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean, America)

plants: 1900 species

The typical colkhic woods are comprised of tree-species like Quercus hartwissiana, Q. pontica, Q. imeretina (= Q. robur ssp. imeretina), Fagus orientalis, Picea orientalis, Abies nordmanniana as well as the typical evergreen undergrowth: Laurocerasus officinalis, Rhododendron ponticum, Vaccinium arctostaphylos, Staphylea colchica, Smilax excelsa, Buxus colchicus.

Endemits of Adsharia are Genista adzharica, Galanthus krasnovii, Angelica adzharica, Centaurea adzharica, Campanula makaschvili

Endemits of Adsharia-Lasistan are Rhododendron smirnovii, R. ungernii, Epigaea gaultherioides, Primula megasaefolia, Cyclamen adzharicum, Verbascum chlorantha, Lilium ponticum

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