March 28th 2007


location: Eastern Greater Caucasus, east of Khevsureti, at the border to Chechenya and Dagestan

conditions: like in neighbouring Khevsureti

plants: like in neighbouring Khevsureti, Tushetian endemits are: Rosa tuschetica, Pseudobetckea caucasica, Ranunculus tebulossicus, Erysimum subnivale, Kemulariella rosea, Vavilovia formosa, Gaddelia lactiflora, Podospermum grigoraschvilii, Silena caucasica, S. humilis. There is also an interesting forest of Pinus sosnowskyi in Tushetia.

animals: Capra aegagrus, C. caucasica, Wolf, Brown Bear, Black Cock, Snow Cock

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