January 25th 2007

“Tebulo” NGO and Khone ecological field station

The aims of the NGO (non-governmental organisation) „Tebulo“ are the promotion of scientific research, conservation and sustainable development of the phytogenetic diversity of the Caucasian flora. The organisation’s activities include the provision of infrastructure, joint projects of Georgian and foreign scientists as well as ecological and environmental education of local inhabitants and university students.

Additionally the systematic collection and scientific curation of plants in the high mountain regions of the Great Caucasus will provide the basis for advanced studies concerning the extraordinarily species rich plant communities of the region. This herbarium will then provide comparative material for systematic and conservational studies as well as tissue samples for molecular approaches in botanical and biogeographical research.

khone.jpgOne of the first measures in providing research infrastructure is the establishment of an ecological field station in the high mountain zone of the Great Caucasus. We have already selected a locality in northeastern Georgia, the mountain village Khone in Khevsureti (see picture). The sourroundings of the village exhibit a high diversity of high mountain flora distinguished by a high percentage of endemic species (1200 plant species, six endemic plant genera). From the locality in Khone, the whole upper Khevsuretia is accessible for visitors and the neighboring regions Tushetia and Pshawi can be reached across high mountain passes.

The field station would provide room for visiting botanists, zoologists, ecologists, geographers, geologists, ethnographers, etc. as well as students and local inhabitants taking part in ecucational programs. The location near one of the main touristic travel routes between Khevsuretia and Tushetia makes it possible to include the provision of housing capacities and educational activities for interested tourists into the spectum of the field station’s capabilities.

At this time, the construction site of the ecological field station has already been purchased and an engineer is instructed in working out the details of the construction plan. Progress, however, remains slow as sufficient funding has not yet been provided. We invite any person or institution to participate in supplying the monetary means for the construction of the ecological field station in Khone! Supporters of our construction acitvities will be given free access to all parts and activities of the field station, including the opening ceremony, all regular activities, housing and use of the special abilities of the station (workstations, library, herbarium, field microscopes, excursions, etc.).

The founders of „Tebulo“ NGO and personally its president will be responsible for the reasonable and purpose oriented expenditure of all monetary contributions.

NGO „Tebulo“
Varketili 3 a M/r
Corpus 322, flat 32
Tbilisi 0183 GEORGIA
Tel.: (995) 899-932-411
email: shetekauri@yahoo.com

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