March 28th 2007

Colkheti (Central, Samegrelo)

location: West Georgia, Black Sea Coast

conditions: warm-humid climate, limestone rocks

destinations: Djvari Mts., Migaria Mts., Ashis Mts.

plants: 1200 species

In the limestone regions (Djvari Mts., Migaria Mts., Ashis Mts.) many endemits can be found, e. g. Kemulariella caucasica, Sorbus colchica, S. migarica, Cyclamen colchicum, Chymsydia colchica, Allium albovii, Lilium kesselringianum, Campanula fonderwisii, C. dzaaku, Corylus colchica, Daphne pontica, Arctostaphylos caucasica, Omphalodes lojkae.

Forests are related to the Colkhic forests at the Black Sea coast.

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