November 12th 2006


Fungi (Mycota)
About 7000 fungi-species are recorded from Georgia.

Lichens (Lichenes)
1500 lichen species are known from the Caucasus (Nakhutsrishvili 2003).

Mosses (Bryophyta)
900 moss species are so far recorded from the Caucasus (Nakhutsrishvili 2003).

Vascular Plants (Spermatophyta)
Ca. 6350 plant species are known to occur in the Caucasus, 1600 of which are endemic there (Nakhutsrishvili 2003).
Around 4000 vascular plant species are known from each of the Caucasian countries and the North Caucasus (North Caucasus: 3700, Georgia: 4100, Azerbaijan: 4041, Armenia: 3700). During the quartiary glaciations the Colkhis (West-Georgia) and the Hyrcanian Forests (NW-Iran and SE-Azerbaijan) remained as isolated refugia for tertiary vegetation and harbour a large number of endemic species today (WWF 2006).

Species numbers for the Georgian regions are:
Abkhazia: 1778
Svaneti: 1100
Ratsha-Letshkhumi: 1200
Imereti: 900
Adsharia: 1900
Khevi-Kazbegi: 1347
Tushetia-Khevsureti: 1000
Shida-Kartli: 1125
Kakheti: 1400
Trialeti: 1650
Meskheti: 1400
Javakheti: 1500
Gardabani: 1200

Note: Of all 4100 species in Georgia, 2605 are aquatic.

There are 17 plant genera endemic to the Caucasus:

1. Woronowia sp. (Western Greater Caucasus)

2. Alboviodoxa sp. (Western Greater Caucasus)

3. Chymsydia sp. (Western Greater Caucasus)

4. Sredinskya sp. (Western Greater Caucasus)

5. Trygonocaryum sp. (Greater Caucasus)

6. Symphyoloma sp. (Greater Caucasus)

7. Pseudobetckea sp. (Greater Caucasus)

8. Petrocoma sp. (Greater Caucasus)

9. Charesia sp. (Greater Caucasus)

10. Pseudovesicaria sp. (Greater Caucasus)

11. Mandenovia sp. (Greater Caucasus)

12. Agasyllis sp. (Caucasus region)

13. Gadellia sp. (Caucasus region)

14. Cladochaeta sp. (Caucasus region)

15. Grossheimia sp. (Caucasus region)

16. Paederotella sp. (Caucasus region)

17. Kemulariella sp. (Caucasus region)

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